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Masterful Weave   versione testuale
A Master of Marriage and the Family and a Course in Family Ministry promoted by the Office of the Italian Bishops’ Conference and the Pontifical “John Paul II” Institute

The Office for Family Ministry of the Italian Bishops’ Conference is promoting, in collaboration with the Pontifical “John Paul II” Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family, a Master of formation in Sciences of Marriage and the Family as well as a Course in Family Ministry for married couples, priests, religious and lay people interested in acquiring a specialization, on issues and problems related to life as a couple, along with matrimonial qualification for the service in the local Churches, for witnessing with specific expertise to the Gospel of the Family, and also accompanying and supporting families throughout their human and spiritual growth, in service to the Church and society.
The Master lasts three years, with a maximum of 25 students. The summer session of the Master and the Summer Course in Family Ministry is being held in La Thuille, Val d'Aosta, from July 7th to 20th. The participants— the organizers say —are «instructors of instructors in the field of family ministry; spouses able to make a competent and significant contribution to the development of the theology of marriage and the family; experts on issues related to the vision of the person, God’s intention for human love and the value of human life; animators who appreciate the contribution of theology, philosophy and the humanities to culture and social life in the service of the family».
The curriculum has been designed as a «masterful weave of theological illumination, pastoral passion, fraternal sharing, and much more …».
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