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Education between hope and the future   versione testuale
In Brescia Father Grieco spoke about the relationship between family and education

“The educational mission of the family between hope and the future” was the theme addressed by Father Gianfranco Grieco, Office Director at the Pontifical Council for the Family, in Sarezzo (Brescia) at the opening of the third Education Week at the Oratory (January 23-February 10, 2014). He began his presentation by saying, “In the face of today’s main ethical questions, the first thing to do is regain our understanding of humanity and promote a humanism of responsibility. The risk presented by the privatization of faith, the urgency of the common good, the commandment of love/agape, and the law of growth by degrees—all have a rightful place in an educational process that moves from norms to an ethic of virtue.”
After addressing the most important passages of the January 21, 2008 letter of Pope Benedict XVI to the religious and civil communities of Rome dealing with “the urgent task of education,” Father Grieco reminded the audience that at the root of the crisis in education is a crisis in our confidence in life itself. At the end of his presentation he said that the soul of education is Christian hope based on the authority of God who is Love, a Love that wills the joy and salvation of every man and woman. Family, school and parish/oratory are where the process of education is born, matures and grows. These are the three places where we learn to live and love, and everyone must do his or her part for the good and the growth of both civil and religious society.”
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