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3900 Yes forever   versione testuale
These are the last days to register for the Meeting of the Engaged Couples with Pope Francis

3900: today this is the number expected to grow day after day of engaged couples who will take part in the event on February 14th, in Rome, under the title “The Joy of Yes Forever.”
Such massive adhesion has taken us by surprise, but at the same time it fills our hearts with joy, especially as we see this event involving and exciting more and more people, engaged couples from every part of Europe and the world, with a majority from France, the US, England, and South America.
We have read every one of your e-mails carefully, and we have been struck by your desire to receive a blessing from the Holy Father so that it may help you to consolidate and continue your journey of love and life together.
For this reason we encourage you to continue registering (simply write to: , indicating the names of the fiancés and their origin) and to begin a journey with Pope Francis of which the Holy Father has said: it can be begun with certainty, without fear provided that everything is faced together.
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