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In Africa Life is a Blessing for Society   versione testuale
Bishop Lafitte’s Visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo

On Saturday, January 25, the Secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Family, Bishop Jean Lafitte concluded a conference in Kinshasa entitled “The Question of Family Values in Congolese Society” sponsored by “Christian Family Community” with the assistance of the local Bishops’ Conference. Bishop Lafitte, who delivered the opening address of the Conference, stated in an interview on Vatican Radio that, “The questions that families face around the world today, in a culture of individualism that is already widespread and where family values are forgotten, have unfortunately affected all African societies as well, particularly in large urban areas, in the large cities of the Republic of the Congo and of other African countries. The reason for my mission, beyond just accepting an invitation, it to send a message of hope and encouragement about the family, about marital communion in the family, about the bonds of solidarity between family members, and about the continuing integration in society of family members through education and through the preparation of young people for a position in society, a role. African society supports and protects certain values that we tend to lose sight of in some countries. In particular, the welcoming of life in villages and rural areas and thus the meaning of human life. Life is always seen as a gift from God, a gift to cherish and welcome with gratitude. We see how the extended family and society view new life as an objective good for society. In that context my message is one of hope but it must also be realistic in order to defend against the temptation to abandon the true values on which African society is based.”
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