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Marriage: The Family's "Motor"   versione testuale
An interview with Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia in the pages of "Ad Gentes," the magazine of the Pontificia Opera missionaria of the Mexican Episcopate

"The family originates not only from mutual love within the home but especially through the testimony of love in the world that is beyond the family. The Christian family, to say it with an expression that Paul VI used with respect to the Church, 'is missionary or does not exist'." Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, President of the Pontifical Council for the Family, said this in an interview published in the magazine "Ad Gentes," an organ of the Pontificia Opera missionaria of the Mexican Episcopate.
"I believe that the Catholic Church has in her hands this treasure of God's revelation, that is of the beauty, of the extraordinary character of the family—father, mother, children and the preceding generations. Here,—Msgr. Paglia continued—this treasure has become a sacrament: it is the sacrament of matrimony, which then founds the family." In this sense, the family must "discover that marriage is not only the celebration at the beginning, it is not a beautiful ceremony kept in a photo album that you can browse through every now and then with a bit of nostalgia. The sacrament of marriage, if I may use the image of a car, is, I would say, a bit like the family's motor. Now, the motor has to work every day, and without it the car does not move. Likewise, the power of the marriage must be the source of inspiration, the source of energy from which the couple and their children may draw daily, so that they and also the different relations that the family creates in its daily life, may truly be inspired by the love of God and that the family may rediscover its broad missionary vocation."
"The Catholic Church and the family—said the President of the Dicastery—are tied to one another by a double thread, and here already we understand that the transmission of faith leads to a strategic and imperative alliance between the community and the family: we could say that the one does not exist without the other, and faith—although it is a gift from God—is also transmitted through the responsibility of the family in which one is born."
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