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Defend the Unborn, Defend the Mother   versione testuale
The 2016 March for Life will take place on January 22nd, hosted as usual in Washington. Several other events and initiatives will enrich gathering.

The March for Life, a traditional meeting of the American pro-life movements and organizations, is hosted every year in Washington. This year it will celebrate its 43rd edition on January 22nd, under the theme "Pro-Life and Pro-Woman Go Hand-In-Hand."
With this particular connection, between life and women, the organizers want to underline the fact that abortion not only means killing an unborn life but also leaves an indelible scar on the woman who practices it.
This year's March will also be preceded by a night prayer vigil (opened and closed by a mass) in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and an ecumenical celebration at Constitution Hall. In addition, a manifestation for young people and a Mass for Life, sponsored by the Archdiocese of Washington, are scheduled.
Then, in the morning of January22nd, people will meet at the National Mall at 12:00 noon (local time) for the march itself, which will begin moving towards the area around the Washington Monument at 1:00 pm. At the point of arrival, there will be a meeting between the participants and some political leaders.
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